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I've been managing projects in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical fields for the last 25 years. After stumbling through my first few projects I was fortunate to be trained by Cadence in some simple techniques to manage projects with less frustration. I've used those techniques since with great success.

About thirteen years ago, Boston University recruited me to teach their Project Management Certification Course. I've done that multiple times, then customized it for the Pharmaceutical Industry and teach it several times a year.

Meanwhile I got myself certified to teach the Cadence course and have taught thousands of happy students this course over the last ten years. My average evaluation is 4.8 when a 4.0 indicates they find my teaching Very Good and 5.0 means Excellent.

Recently Simplilearn recruited me to teach their PMP prep classes.

I'm located on LinkedIn and Facebook though I rarely use the latter.

Contact me directly at bfieggen@gmail.com

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  1. Bruce,
    I read your description of the Crawford Slip Method, very well done. It is interesting that I independently developed a very similar approach at GE Aviation in 1995 as a general Risk Management technique. It became a very powerful tool at GE, corporate wide. A colleague of mine, George Robson, published a book describing the technique "How to Handle Risk". Maybe you can evaluate it? I am the "unnamed engineer" in his story. Later I evolved a much more sophisticated approach (around the same simple tactics) for managing risk in a technology development environment. I am considering writing a book on how I expanded this technique to drive very complex and lengthy technology developments (inventions) into new products (military and commercial aircraft engines) ... on time and at cost! Do you think there is a market for this information? I am looking towards retirement from GE Aviation and to develop a consulting business around “How to Handle Risk” (simple projects) and eventually “Integrating Technology into Products”. Maybe you will eventually evaluate my book??