About This Blog

There are lots of lessons out there on Project Management and Leadership. As a teacher on these subjects I like to capture them when I see them. This blog is my repository for them. Now I can pull them back up when I need to discuss them. I've found many others interested in these lessons so I try to post at least twice a week for that audience.

I also spend a significant amount of time assisting people with their resumes and the interviewing process. I have put all these lessons in one place, linked nicely together so that people who need my help can look here first and get a head start on the process. They can also look back here for reference after they have had their sessions with me.

Lastly, I'm writing a book about Project Management in King Arthur's time. This will eventually be a text-book for a class I am creating. I place an excerpt of this book on the blog every other Sunday in order to gain feedback and build my audience.

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  1. I followed your advice step by step and I got the job in my field. I have been working part-time for the last 17 years while raising my son, went back to college and feel that I lost the edge in the workplace. You have helped me gain my confidence back and taught me that in todays job searching environment, networking is the key...thanks for all your help !!....Cathy, Sinking Spring PA