Thursday, August 4, 2011

India's corrupt infrastructure

Work continues around the clock at the privately owned port of Mundra in Gujarat State, India

Project Management is all about avoiding the obstacles that stand between you and your project's success. Read about this man and the extremes he goes to avoiding the pitfalls of doing business in his own country.
This Times Article shows how he avoids the creaky infrastructure and corruption in his country to bring electricity to his people.

"For Gautam Adani, the power mogul, the answer was simple: the easiest and most profitable way to meet India’s rising demand for electricity is to avoid the obstacles, divisive political confrontations and practical inefficiencies of India. In the spirit of the workaround ethos typical of India’s private sector, Mr. Adani is working around the subcontinent itself."

"He owns the Indonesian coal mine, the Korean-made cargo ship (named for his niece Vanshi), the Indian power plant and, most important, the private Mundra port. He owns coal mines and a major port in Australia, and has built his own private railroad spur in India. His business plan is to do as much as possible without relying on the creaky infrastructure of the Indian state."

It's a very clever way of completing his projects but it must be embarrassing to his own country knowing that corruption and poor infrastructure cause him to buy his supplies elsewhere. Embarrassing enough that less than a week later, he was indicted by the Indian supreme court for his own corruption. Check out the follow-up article for more details. Who to believe?

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