Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Biggest losers forget the goal

Last season's Biggest Loser was a watershed. They all got the point that the goal was to lose weight and change lives. When it came to voting people out, the leaders stepped aside to allow those who needed to be on the ranch stay.

What a difference a season makes. The producers decided to ratchet up the drama. They succeeded by bringing on board a real piece of work by the name of Conda

She doesn't know how to shut her mouth and somehow has her tribe following her when she bullies the few who don't bend to her will. She destroyed several other contestants including loudmouth Adrian. His sister, Daphne vowed revenge. Here is where things became interesting.

They forgot the goal of the show in their temporary quest for revenge.
  1. During the temptation challenge, Daphne ate 1800 calories in order to have to the power to switch up the teams
  2. She chose to switch Conda onto her team (so that she could vote her out? It wasn't clear what her strategy was)
  3. She lied to everyone else that she was responsible for the 'anonymous' switcheroo, even when the rest of the players figured it out and caller her on it.
  4. Her team decided to throw the weigh-in by all stuffing their faces except for one person they bellieved would beat Daphne so she couldn't gain immunity
I was hoping that at the end Daphne could lose more weight than Chris, the designated loser of their team, so she could vote out Conda but she actually gained 2 pounds for the week! Stress? Extra calories? Distractions?
Check out the full episode here.

What's the lesson here for project managers? Don't forget the goal of the project when you get buried by day-to-day problems and politics. Stay focused on the goal and get the project done.


  1. Clearly the goal of the producers of the show has not changed -- to boost ratings. --Killer Bee

    1. Kevin,

      Yeah, that is unfortunately true. Last season was so nicey-nice, the producers really decided to shake it up.
      It's interesting, though. During season one, the producers had the contestants do many humiliating things like sliding through mayonaise, but the viewers complained and they went a different direction. So they do listen to the viewers a little.