Sunday, March 25, 2012

Karma defeats Survivor Leader

Anyone who watched the latest season of Survivor must have formed an opinion of Colton. I'm sure mine is not the minority opinion: Mean, manipulative, selfish, lazy, whiny, I could go on. A self-proclaimed gay Republican who indeed has black people in his life: his Housekeeper.

I couldn't understand how anyone would allow themselves to be manipulated by this jerk. He's the kind of person I write off at first impression and never deal with other than to oust them from my life at the earliest opportunity.

This last episode showed him bonding with the evil woman on his tribe: Alicia
It was sickening watching these two bully the next person they had in their sights. Christina at least fought back and worked to drive a wedge between those being manipulated by Colton and the head. She probably would have convinced the other men to vote off Alicia.

But then, Karma struck with lovely force. Probably for overuse of the hair gel that has allowed his locks to remain salon-fresh after fifteen days in the jungle, he was struck by an acute case of Appendicitis and had to be medically evacuated out of there.

And in a final, selfish move, he took the immunity idol with him, refusing to even give it to Alicia, the one ally he had remaining in the game.

Please, Survivor producers, don't bring him back in some kind of an all-stars game. He just makes us sick to watch. Seeing him get dunked in a challenge and bawling for help was the only fun I had this season so far.

But this kind of payback is to be expected when you are a bad leader. It happened once in my career and I loved it. I was interviewing for my first job out of college and working as a night janitor to pay the rent.

I had a great interview but lost the job to some guy from Sweden, Charlie, because he had a Masters degree and I didn't. But a few months later I got another job and we worked together for a few years. He was researching a pH sensor while I researched the CO2 sensor for the same device. We had to run the designs through a series of stress tests to ensure that the final product would work in the clinical setting. I had to change my design several times to find one that worked for every situation while his sensor worked right away.

When it was time to combine all the individual sensors together and test the overall device, I was charged with re-running the stress tests to ensure the final product worked as well. Charlie quit at this time and went down to California to work for a competitor. Re-running the tests I found that Charlie's pH sensor kept failing a particular test. I repeated the tests several times and finally went back to his notebooks. By examining the data I realized that he had been faking the data and recording fake data in his notebook. We had to waste a year redesigning his sensor, a year that ended up costing us the company.

I ended up working in a job I hated while some of my co-workers ended up in better jobs. One of them called me a few months later asking if I remembered Charlie and if I could give a recommendation. I replied, "Yes, but it won't be a good recommendation." She replied that this was exactly what she wanted because her boss was thinking about hiring him and didn't want to make a mistake. She asked if I could answer a reference call from some person. I agreed.

When David Auth called and asked me what I thought of Charlie, I told him the entire story about his deception. I ended the call by asking if Charlie currently worked for David's company's competitor. When David said yes, I told him that was the best place for him to be to help David's company. David laughed at this and asked me what I was doing. By the end of the month, I had the job Charlie was interviewing for.

Karma strikes for good.


  1. i so agree! i hope they never bring colton back. also surprising was that one of the younger women didn't even know what appendicitis was!

    1. Yeah! That Cat is a real airhead. Not only did she not know what Appendicitis was, she was afraid of catching it like the other tribe-members.