Thursday, April 12, 2012

Leadership at Evernote

 Earl Wilson/The New York Times
Phil Libin, chief executive of Evernote, a provider of note-taking and archiving technology says the company has an unusual culture.
 I read this Corner Office column weekly and its usually a bunch of platitudes but this week's version was pretty amazing. Here's a leader who has used some radical techniques to shake up his companies. It was all the interviewer could do to keep asking him: "What else?"

Let's look at some of the things he has done at Evernote:
  1. No offices
  2. No phones
  3. No lengthy e-mail chains
  4. Institutionalized cross-training
  5. Unlimited vacations and $1,000 in spending money to encourage you to take them
  6. Free housekeeping
  7. Continuous live-streaming video on big screen monitors between the two offices
  8. Laser-shooting robots
I had never heard of Evernote before this but I was curious enough to visit their website. It seems pretty cool so I downloaded it. There are times I have an idea and want to capture it. I'll see if it works. Here's the full NY Times article.

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