Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Emperor has no clothes!

So the tribes were mixed up and three more people were exposed to Phil’s delusions of grandeur. He introduced them to the insanity of ‘Stealth R Us’ and they took it all with straight faces. This only encouraged him to go further with his delusions to the point of telling the new people that if any unnamed members of his elite group told them to do something, their test was to obey without question.

What are people thinking? Am I the only person who would tell him to shut up with his childish talk, find others who were annoyed by it and get the maniac voted off? While the tribe members will tell the cameraman that Phil is crazy, they don’t do anything about it. They allow him to continue with his delusions that he is the tribe leader and they vote the way he wants. Unbelievable!

I truly believe that the three newcomers could have aligned with Corinne to vote him off if they had spoken up. Not doing so has sealed their fate. They are now two against four and one of the two voted for the other. They cannot form a voting bloc to be used against tribal factions.

If a team has no respect for their leader, they need to depose them. Someone on that tribe needs to declare: “The emperor has no clothes!”

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