Friday, April 29, 2011

Why do we care about the British monarchy?

So today the British monarchy increased in size by one. And she seemed like such a nice woman. Why she would choose to join a dysfunctional family like the British royals is beyond me but there's no accounting for taste I guess.
What surprises me more is the worldwide attention such an event generates. When hundreds are dying in Alabama from tornadoes, we hear "Breaking News" that the designer or the bride's gown has been announced.

And here in America, where we threw off the reins of the British monarchy over two hundred years ago, at the cost of tens of thousands of lives, people are glued to their TVs to watch the event. Why? Are people living out their childhood dream of being a princess and being married to a prince? And does it fit our dreams better when they speak practically the same language.

We have a vibrant democracy here and we fight against the corrupt dictatorships of Africa and the Middle East, yet we celebrate the British Monarchy. We even celebrate it to the point that the head of the British state is not the democratically elected Prime Minister, but whoever has inherited the British crown.

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