Thursday, May 5, 2011

Poor negotiation on Celebrity Apprentice

Last night I finally picked up one of the Celebrity Apprentice episodes I had missed: the one where Niki Taylor was fired. In the previous episodes she had stood out on the women's team as a great team player who rose above the back-stabbing and cliques that had doomed every challenge undertaken by them.

Watching the episode I saw how she lost. My first surprise was the naivete she showed when negotiating for the camper set. She recognized immediately that the men's team would choose the $200,000 bus while she wanted the other set. But rather than using this knowledge to her benefit, she simply told the men, 'No problem, I wanted the other camper.' Why didn't she use this knowledge to actually negotiate, as asked, and get some money from the men? She could have used this to buy more equipment or decorations for her set.

She was not a tough leader and allowed her team to shirk an important task: buying greenery for her set, which really hurt the impression her team made on the judges. The one time she got tough was when Dionne was looking for LaToya and this was one case when Dionne was in the right.

She also seemed to be confused about which century she was in, constantly referring to this as the Twentieth century. Seeing her chatting with Hope was like listening to air hissing rapidly out of a pair of heads.

I will say this for her, and Trump was also impressed: she took the fall gracefully and refused to throw any of her team-mates under the bus for her team's failure.

Watch the full episode here if you wish. Full episode: unhappy-campers

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