Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Powerful men think they have immunity

In addition to the usual shenanigans of Berlusconi and others, we have revelations of Arnold fathering an illigetimate child and a high official of the IMF raping a hotel maid. Why is it that men in such positions of power feel that they can get away with anything? It seems to be even worse in France where people are accusing the US of being too harsh on the man. Apparently, in France they would have simply hushed the woman up. Are you serious? This wasn't a grope, he forced her to perform oral sex on him! In the U.S. we call that rape.
So what are the answers? Is it a matter of money and opportunity? Powerful men have the money to buy expensive women, Eliot Spitzer, and they are away from their families for extended periods, (poor lonely babies) so they have the opportunity. But I think it's more than that. They are surrounded by yes-men who laugh at their minor lapses, find women who will do many things for money and soon believe that they can literally get away with anything. They keep pushing the envelope and have powerful people below and around them who hush up their bad behaviour until they finally get caught.
I hope this man doesn't avoid our justice the way Roman Polanski has been doing and spends some time in a US jail to think about the way he treated this poor woman.
And as for Arnold, really? The maid, in your wife's bed, and while your wife was pregnant? Come on!
 At least he waited until his political career was over. Hollywood is a lot more forgiving.

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