Sunday, June 12, 2011

John beats Marlee in Celebrity Apprentice

It was a great season of Celebrity Apprentice, with excellent workers mixed in with crazy people. I think Trump left bitches like Star Jones and NeNe and crazies like Garey Busey and LaToya in the show too long simply to help ratings and give us all someone to root against. But when it came to the finale, he chose the best of each team, Marlee Matlin and John Rich.

Marlee was the only level head on her team. Dionne Warwick was off in the spirit world, Hope, Niki and Latoya were complete airheads, NeNe was too busy yelling at everyone else, while Star Jones was backstabbing them and Lisa Rinna wimped out in the boardroom.
On the men's side David Cassidy and Jose Canseco were the wimps, Garey Busey, the nut, while the rest were pretty level headed. This gave them a huge advantage in the challenges with Lil John, Mark McGrath, Meatloaf and Richard Hatch providing a stable core for a series of wins. The other four had to leave the team because they were the leader when the men's team lost and took the hit or they were not strong enough in the boardroom.

As far as challenges went, the men did great, losing only when the women raised more money while screwing up the actual project. The pizza challenge was a complete mess, the women had huge lines at the door, they failed to deliver their pies and they even closed the store to paying customers because they couldn't serve them. But they won the challenge because they raised more money due to some big wallets on the phone. Same problem on the art sale, look at the women's team's lack of organization in getting their event off the ground:
But once again, due to big donor friends of Marlee, the women's team won again.

The final challenge was comprised of three parts: Design a new label for 7-Up, produce a video and host an event. Both did a good job on the redesigned label although I thought Rich's team could have used more green in the label. The commercials both had their moments, with Twisted Sister in Rich's and Geoffrey Holder in Marlee's. Both hit the decade they were to represent and were great choices.

The difference came at the event. Marlee's was flawless: Check it out:
John Rich's event had problems. People were greeted at the door with cheesy stuff and they forgot to even welcome in the VIPs, including Mr. Ego, Trump, himself! But that was nothing compared to the major SNAFU delivered by John Rich himself, introducing the whole crowd to Def Leppard when they were 20 minutes away from being ready. He left the crowd hanging for a long time before he thought to perform himself.

But it didn't matter in the end. As Mark McGrath pointed out, John Rich won for his body of work even if Marlee won this event.

And the winner is...

There were some good tear-jerking moments at the end that reminded me that the whole thing was about charity in the long run. Too bad Trump can't remember that the show isn't all about him.
Check out Marlee's trip to Africa to visit her charity in action:
And the song Marlee and John sing at the end. Do wait for the applause.

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