Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weiner shows all but his wiener

Yet another leader thinks he's immune to proper behavior. This time its a Democratic congressman trying to get away with sending mostly naked pictures of himself to female admirers. What gives with these guys?

I believe that the higher up these men get, the more they think they can get away with anything. They harangue their peers in the house and suddenly think they're some kind of elite warrior class, entitled to whatever they want. Watch him below in full testosterone-charged battle.

Listen to the man's apology. Personally I think he's full of crap. Just because he wasn't caught having sex with these women doesn't mean these relationships were purely electronic. I bet he's been showing his wiener live as well as over the airwaves.

Frankly, I'm getting a little sick of it. Its bad enough when it happens in the private world, but these people have a serious job to do. Our country is being crushed by debt, is struggling with unemployment, is fighting a meaningless war (now that Bin Laden is dead) and is facing a Medicare and Social Security fiasco. How about keeping your wieners in your pants and doing your job for a couple of terms, guys? 
Weiner still wants to keep his job. So after his speech, he got into his car and drove home to his pregnant wife...Read below for more

Of course, another explanation could be that he's been trying to overcompensate for this his whole life:

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  1. So glad to report that this ass did not make a political comeback in New York's mayoral primary election. For some reason he was the Democratic front-runner for a few weeks but he faded into fifth place by the time of the elections. Karma...