Sunday, July 10, 2011

Democrats' new project to win 2012 election

The Democrats have a new weapon to aid them in winning the 2012 election. According to an article in yesterday's paper, they are arming young people with video cameras to film every move made by the likely GOP challengers so that they can catch them in embarrasing situations.

"If a Democratic group is ever looking for the image of Mr. Romney paying for a 25-cent lemonade with a $5 bill, it will know just where to go. If it wants a clip of Mr. Romney saying the president has made the economy worse, the archive will have one."

Now, not only will a candidate have to account for their actions in the public arena, while doing their jobs, they can't even pick their noses without some jerk with a camera ready to post that on Youtube. This is a slide further down the ethical heap.

Not that the Republicans are too much worse. But this is a lower blow than the O'Keefe videos videotaping left-wing institutions while they were supposedly doing their jobs.

But the question I have is, how far down are we willing to slide? The British tabloids are the worst of the lot, seemingly free to smear any politician who dares criticize them. Read this article about how they have sunk many a political career.

The only nice thing to see is that there is an actual line and that they are forced to close down when they cross it. Too bad the ethical line is so far down the dung heap. Here's the line they have decided they cannot cross: Do not hack into a kidnapped girl's cell-phone and delete her parents' messages to make room for more. Here's an excerpt from the article if you want to puke at the actions of these people:
...the hacking of the murder victim’s phone after she was abducted but before her body was found, adding to the distress of her family and confusing the police investigation by deleting some messages to make room for more.

Could we move this ethical line up a little every year, instead of down?

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