Thursday, July 7, 2011

Leader gets away with rape

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Released

Well, it looks like you can get away with even a high-profile rape if your victim has enough of a criminal background to make a less-than-credible witness. So here's the lesson to all would-be rapists: check out the background of your victims first and you too can go scot-free afterwards.

Take a look below at the smug face of this jerk as he receives his walking papers.

It would all make me terribly sick if it weren't for the one silver lining to the case. Because of the publicity of this case, one of his previous victims has come forward to pursue him with her own rape allegations. Let's hope she is more successful.

Tristane Baron
Here are some of her allegations in the article:  "He grabbed her in a nearly empty apartment as she was interviewing him and dragged her to the floor, pulling off some of her clothes and forcing his hand into her underwear. She said she escaped by kicking him desperately."

How will these people learn that they are not above the law if they keep getting away with crimes like this?

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