Friday, September 30, 2011

Twitter saves Amazing Race contestants

Las Vegas showgirl contestants who lost a passport on the first leg of 'The Amazing Race'
I haven't seen the point of Twitter in the past. It seems like a bunch of random shouts into cyberspace. (Unlike this blog which is a somewhat less random shout into cyberspace that uses a lot more words) but I saw it save a couple of contestants of The Amazing Race on Sunday.

The pair of Las Vegas showgirls dropped one of their passports in a gas station parking lot on the way to the airport. Amazingly, they not only discovered that they had done so but figured out where they dropped it and went back to the scene. Unfortunately they asked around at the gas station to no avail; nobody had seen their lost passport. What to do? Lost passports have always meant immediate eliminations to teams on previous seasons.

They chose to go to the airport anyway, hoping that the passport was being brought to them there. Not a bad choice. Whenever a plan goes awry, the best bet is, if you can't pick up the lost thread, continue with the original plan by moving to the next step. 

After the brief meltdown and recriminations in the airport, they got some fantastic news. Someone had indeed found their passport and brought it to the airport. But why they did so is the real story here.

The man who found the passport is a Twitter user who posted that he had been briefly filmed on Amazing Race and had found the passport.
So #TheLife gets crazier so after being randomly filmed on amazing
race I see that one of them dropped there passport. (sic)
Some Amazing Race super fan picked up his post on an RSS feed and realized the importance of this information. She replied to Storms that the contestant needs the passport and directed him to get it to the airport so she could continue with her race.

Meanwhile producers found the post in Taiwan, the next destination, and sent word to LAX to warn the host that he may not need to perform an early elimination after all.

Check out the details in this article.

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