Sunday, October 2, 2011

Strauss-Kahn now wants immunity for rape.

After getting off from criminal rape charges because his victim had a dubious past, Strauss-
Kahn now has the gall to ask for diplomatic immunity against the sexual-assault lawsuit his victim is pursuing against him.

Even though he doesn't have diplomatic status now, he was head of the IMF during the crime so he feels he should be immune from prosecution for any crimes he committed at the time. This claim does wonders for explaining where his head was at while he raped the housekeeper. He truly felt that he was above the law.

In this article, notice the last chapter where the housekeeper's lawyers enumerate the reasons he should be denied immunity:
(1) he is not a diplomat;
(2) according to his own story, he was in New York on ‘personal’ business;
(3) he, not the I.M.F., paid for his room at the Sofitel; and
(4) he was obviously acting in his personal capacity when he violently attacked Ms. Diallo

Meanwhile one of his many other victims has come forth and is pursuing rape charges against him in Paris.

This time the victim, Tristane Barone, has an unblemished past and makes a more believable witness. Let's see how the weasel tries to get out of this one.

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