Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another great project to make a park out of unused public space

After the phenomenal success of New York's Highline park, pictured below, other cities have been looking to copy the success.

The formula is pretty simple: Find some land that used to be used by the city but is falling into disrepair, repurpose it as a park, get some public funding, some donations, get some corporate sponsors and some restaurants to open nearby and voila: a public park in an unexpected space.

The Highline park, for those who don't know, took an old elevated rail line that used to run along the west side of Manhattan that was used in the meat-packing industry, and added stairs, soil, plants and walkways, built in a few benches and turned it into a quiet oasis above the streets.

There's a new project being proposed that is even more interesting. According to yesterday's Times article, there is a three block area close to the Williamsburg bridge with 20 foot ceilings that is lying disused right now.

It used to be a trolley terminal but with light gathering techniques, it can be turned into an underground park with grass and trees.

The two men with the idea have experience with these light gathering techniques, taken from their colleges, (Yale and Cornell) and jobs, (NASA and Google) and are serious about it.
Check out the project's website for some cool pictures of their concept.

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