Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christo the graffiti artist

I'm not a fan of graffiti but I recognize that there are different types. There are the colorful murals that cover blank walls under overpasses and obscures an otherwise ugly sight. There were the unsightly messes made of New York subway trains in the seventies that have thankfully been stopped. And there is the 'tagging' where some jerk or gang of jerks put their signs on public buildings or structures to show that they own this turf. Little more than dogs pissing on street lamps to mark their territory in my opinion.

Lower than all of these is the 'artist' Christo. Rather than placing his tags on ugly tenements, billboards or bridges, he chooses some of the most beautiful places on earth to piss on. He takes some beautiful islands in Biscayne Bay and wraps them in fabric.

Then he wraps architectural masterpieces like the Bundestag or the Pont Neuf with his ugly fabric.

Then he puts 'gates' throughout our gorgeous Central Park.

He has placed miles of umbrellas and fences in deserts and his next 'project' is to cover 50 miles of pristine river gorges with his fabric. Tagging of the worst kind. What are birds and fish going to do during his week-long 'installation'?

He claims to do it all for art but he has a nasty business strategy that has made him a millionaire many times over. After he installs his fabric, he takes photos of what remains and only he has the right to sell these images. What a crock!

As for the garish colors, I can only guess he gets his inspiration from his wife.

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