Sunday, January 29, 2012

Egypt's Military still in control

Even though the recent Egyptian elections were, in the words of the Carter Center, 'Free and Fair,' it appears unlikely that the military is ready to give up its power. They have held special privileges since Nasser's 1952 coup and are not willing to relinquish them. They hold tax exemptions and financial advantages for their huge commercial empire, which runs from car making and consumer products to hotels and resorts.

According to a recent NY Times article the military is also concerned about repercussions from their brutal rule in the Nasser and Mubarak dictatorships and are not ready to have a civilian government hold them accountable .

How well are they going to get along with the Muslim Brotherhood after all their years suppressing them?


  1. Allah bless Egyptain army

    1. I agree. I hope Allah keeps the Egyptian people safe and free. The Military are in a critical place right now. They have helped removed the dictator and are now deciding who is worthy of ruling the country next. It seems as though they have ruled out the Muslim Brotherhood, Mubarak's old spy chief and the ultraconservative Islamist. See my latest post about what's happening: