Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mayor gets back at nuisance advertisers

Don't you just hate these signs that appear all over our neighborhoods? They are just another ugly version of graffiti, this time placed by lowlife businessmen who can blanket an area for a few hundred dollars to advertise their services. That's a lot cheaper than a billboard but it's illegal.

But here is a mayor who figured out how to get rid of them, and collect the fine owed for their violations. Read this article and watch the video about Mayor Peter Bober of Hollywood, Florida. I love the strategy he came up with.

For $300, he bought that annoying Robocall software. Then he plugs in the numbers that he writes down by driving around. The service calls these numbers incessantly until the owners show up to Town Hall to get their numbers removed. First they have to prove that they've removed the signs and pay the $250 fine.

And the result? 90% reduction in signs! Let's hope all our cities take this strategy and use obnoxious advertising tactics against obnoxious advertisers.

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