Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quiet versus Dominant Leadership on Survivor.

Kim and Sabrina of Survivor 'One World'
The women’s team, led by Kim, decimated the men until the only one left is her stooge: Tarzan. Kim’s only overt challenger for power was Troyzan who was unable to sway those outside Kim’s inner circle to turn on her. Now Kim is flexing her muscles, winning challenges, being invited on rewards and winning immunity. It looks like it is her game to lose.

But let’s not count out the quiet leadership of Sabrina. Did you see last week how she turned the tide against Kat when Kat invited Kim and Alicia on her reward. She focused on the unfairness of Kat not inviting Tarzan and Christina, each of whom had emotional reasons to want to spend time with their loved ones.

Then, after energizing her team to accomplish this task, she sat back and let them do the work. It helped when Alicia saw Kat as a threat due to her tenacity in the immunity challenge. But I believe that the real impetus was Sabrina’s work on Chelsea and the difficulty Kim faced changing other people’s mind away from Sabrina’s plan.

Kim had initially wanted to get rid of Sabrina whom she correctly identified as a legitimate threat to her winning the game. But it was not to be. And now, the core of Kim’s initial alliance: Kat, Chelsea and herself has been damaged. Chelsea is dubious of Kim’s motives and realizes that she is in danger staying with her.

Sabrina has positioned herself as the puppetmaster of the outcasts of the women’s team. She can manipulate the votes of Christina and Tarzan at will. Alicia thinks she is in charge so she could go either way. Kim recognizes Sabrina as a threat but she may not have as much power over Chelsea as she thinks. Kim has thrust herself too openly into the leadership position and put a target on her back as one who you’d better get rid of as soon as she loses immunity. And Chelsea knows that Kim had the hidden immunity idol.

So what will win? Quiet or dominant leadership? I predict Sabrina can do it.

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  1. The finale disappointed me. Sabrina just faded away near the end and allowed Kim to lead. Chelsea's speech to the jury can be summed up in three words: Vote for Kim.