Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bad leadership dooms Survivor group

Since day one of this season's Survivor, one group has failed in everything. Failed in making adequate shelter, failed in making fire, failed in every challenge, failed in finding the hidden immunity idol. Why?
Because their reluctant leader was a terrible leader. I already posted after the first episode my dissatisfaction with his leadership style. If the dumbest member of his team hadn't thrown himself under the bus after that first challenge, Russell Swan would have been voted off and his team could have stood a chance.

Instead, they stuck with him and his negativity around camp, his belief that he is some kind of superman who is only let down by his ailing body or weak team-mates. And they lost three more challenges. Finally, the two smartest members of his team decided to get rid of him, leaving us with a tight, optimistic team.I have hopes for them now.

People need to recognize when a team is being led by a destructive, egotistical leader and oust him/her immediately before further damage is done. But how often does that work in the business world?

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