Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where do older workers live?

When I first saw this graph in last week's NY Times, I laughed at the stereotypical French laziness showing up. Barely 20% of 60 year-old Frenchmen work opposed to 60% of Americans. But is this, perhaps, an indication of overall unemployment rate there rather than will to work? I have my doubts since the Spanish and Portugese rates are higher but dropping with their unemployment.

I have no idea how these countries are going to maintain their social benefits while bringing in lower and lower taxes from their dwindling work forces. Greece will soon be followed by the rest of Southern Europe. The US needs to change their economic model to avoid going down the same drain.


  1. The question to ask older workers is are they working because they want to or because they have to.
    Hey, Sandy looks like a real bitch. Sending best hopes and wishes to you and yours.

    1. Or maybe we should ask them, "Have you ever worked?"

      I feel prepared for this hurricane, luckily being without power won't be too bad in the mild temperatures we're expecting.

      I'm just hoping the oak trees surrounding my house don't decide to follow the wind and gravity onto my roof. That I'm not prepared for though I have an axe and know how to use it.