Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weisel is a weasel

In a previous post I complained about Representative Weiner showing off all but his wiener in text messages. In this one we have a similar problem. Investment banker Weisel is trying to weasel out of any knowledge of Lance Armstrong doping during his Tour de France victories.


Harry Truman was famous for saying 'The buck stops here' and lots of other leaders feel the same way. But this Weisel guy claims to have had no clue that there was any doping going on with the group he funded.

Come on! If I was suspicious and care almost nothing for these cyclists, how could the leader of the group not have heard? And having heard, wouldn't he want to check into it? Pretty hard? A good leader would do so. Maybe some people like to live up to their names. Weiner with his wiener and Weisel being a weasel.

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