Saturday, December 17, 2011

A new personality cult on the latest Survivor

The cast for this season, before the ringers joined
This season of Survivor is looking suspiciously like last season. It started out with a group of sixteen castaways who were quickly saddled with some veterans: Coach and Ozzie. But instead of getting rid of the obvious villain (Coach) and the likely winner (Ozzie), the civilians kept them around to lead the tribes. Did they learn nothing from Rob's steamroller?

The veterans join the tribes on day one.
Coach quickly put his evil plans in place and soon had a strong alliance of five that dominated the game. Before long, all of the five saw themselves sitting with coach at the end. Nobody has talked about the big blindside, getting rid of their leader. They all seem to be playing for second place.

Here Albert and Rick scheme to get rid of Sophie and then Brandon.

Meanwhile, Brandon thinks it's him and Albert with coach at the end and Sophie believes that it's her and Rick with coach.
Coach doesn't have to say anything. He's the cult leader and all the minions are fighting amongst themselves for his leavings.

Who is the only one remaining who can throw a monkey-wrench in the works? Sophie has him pegged. Ozzie is still at Redemption Island, picking off all the people voted off by the remaining tribe members. He is eating and sleeping well and getting healthier every day. He gets to feed and shelter and bond with each person before they leave him for the jury and is the last to hug them goodbye. He doesn't vote them off, he beats them fair and square in challenges that any of them could win. If he can make it to the final three, he has a lot of fans on the jury.

The part that really disgusts me in this game is the misuse of religion. All the prayers and talk of honesty and integrity is a mask for the worst set of back-stabbing I've seen in years. I get offended watching coach posturing and Brandon claiming that God speaks to him when it is all about coach winning a million dollars.

That poor kid, Brandon, is going to be really messed up by the time this game is over. Watch what happens to him in this tribal council.


  1. i agree totally! can't wait to see your post on the winner!

  2. Not sure I'm going to post on the winner this year. I didn't like any of the final three and it was clear from the final tribal council that few on the jury liked them either. I think they chose Sophie as the lesser of three evils and would thankfully have voted 'None of the above' if that had been an option.

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    1. Thanks for your comments Sewi. Sounds like a good formula you have.