Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Women being abused in the Middle East

There go women's rights in the Middle East. For as bad was living under a dictator like Mubarak, woman are worse off now and likely to be further abused if the Muslim majority takes over. As I predicted, the gloves are off and the misogynists are going after the women.
This is just the army abusing women now. Just wait until the Muslim Brotherhood and their rabid cousins take over the country entirely and impose Shariah law on the women.

Watch the video below to see one of these women-haters beating and kicking a helpless woman who was hoping to be rescued by some of the protesters. Be careful, though. the images are quite extreme.
I'm hoping these videos will shame the government to show fairness to half their population but I am pessimistic about the process. It hasn't worked in Iran, Saudi Arabia or Yemen, why should it work in the most populous nation in the Middle East?

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